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Teenage Engineering Duty Bag Range

Teenage Engineering Debuts Four Custom Duty Bags

The Duty Bag Range is made from 100% recycled ripstop polyester covered in bright yellow TPU coating.

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Swedish electronics manufacturer Teenage Engineering has created a line of versatile, durable, and practical bags that suit every need. From an overnight bag for travel to a convenient storage bag for cables and accessories, the new Duty Bag product line is functional and purposeful.

Four bags are available in the Duty Bag range. The first option is the Duty Overnight Bag, priced at $79. This large bag is designed to fit the OD-11 and more, while measuring 665 x 420 x 285 mm. The bag is made entirely of 100% recycled ripstop polyester and is tear-resistant and water-resistant. The Duty Overnight Bag features internal pockets and uses a Velcro closure.

Teenage Engineering also offers the Duty OB-4 Tote Bag for those who need a smaller option. This bag is priced at $59 and is designed to carry the OB-4 and 15” laptops. The Tote Bag goes over the shoulder and measures 310 x 380 x 90 mm. The handle is made from polyester webbing, and the bag features the same ripstop polyester that is water-repellant and tear-resistant.

Designed as a smaller storage bag, the Duty Large OP-1 Bag can fit a wide range of items, including the OP-1, while still being small and concise. Measuring just 320 x 125 x 10 mm, this bag is made of the same high-quality and durable material offering a weatherproof storage solution. The bag is priced at $39 and features a webbed handle and Velcro closure.

Lastly, Teenage Engineering presents the smallest bag in its lineup. Priced at $29, the Duty Medium OP-Z Bag is designed to carry the OP-Z, as well as cables, cords, headphones, and adapters. The bag is just 245 x 80 x 10mm and has a Velcro closure. The Duty Medium OP-Z bag is excellent to store inside larger bags to improve organization.

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