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Teenage Engineering Field Desk

Teenage Engineering’s Field Desk Is The First Step Into A More Modular Workspace

And yes, that price tag is kind of wild.

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$ 1,599

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room: $1,600 is a big ask for an ultra-minimalist, build-it-yourself desk. But Teenage Engineering is all about the big ask because they can be. They’ve got the receipts in the form of the OP-1 Field and TX-6 mini mixer (among other sonic delights in their store).

And Teenage Engineering isn’t just selling a desk here. They’re selling the first step toward a genuinely modular workspace that evolves alongside its users. Thinking of it as an Erector Set for office furniture is perhaps a little uncharitable, but it’s not wrong, either: Teenage Engineering based the whole system around the countersunk 20x20mm R20 rail and M5 screw holes located at 25mm intervals along its length. Using the commonly-available M5 as a fastener allows customers to easily define and continually reimagine their workspace by attaching custom creations.

Besides, it’s not like the Field Desk is made of rusty tin and greasy cardboard. As always, Teenage Engineering demonstrates its ability to incorporate premium materials that naturally align with its effortless design ethos. The desk’s rails and clamps are a 75% recycled CIRCAL anodized aluminum alloy sourced from Scandinavian manufacturer Hydro, while the desktop itself is made from a double-sided formica birch plywood that can be reversed if one face takes too much abuse. The Field Desk is available now on Teenage Engineering’s site.

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