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Teenage Engineering PO-80

Teenage Engineering Rolls Out The PO-80 Record Factory Kit

The PO-80 enables users to cut records easily with this portable and compact record cutter.

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$ 150

Designed in partnership with Japanese artist, designer, and musician, Yuri Suzuki, the new Teenage Engineering PO-80 Record Factory Kit can make custom 5-inch discs featuring analog, lo-fi sound. The portable record cutter allows users to create their own unique records with personalized flare, all in a matter of minutes.

As part of the pocket operator family, the new Teenage Engineering PO-80 is simple to use. Upon receipt, assemble the machine using the included, simple directions. Designed as a DIY kit, everything is included to create a functioning record cutter – from the disks to the needle.

After assembling, simply connect any pocket device to the record cutter via the 3.5 mm audio plug. Place a 5-inch disk on the cutter and start recording. The PO-80 Record Factory Kit also can play back audio from original recordings using an internal speaker. The built-in speakers on the record cutter allow users to listen to custom-cut records the instant they are completed. Or, connect a different external speaker through the 3.5 mm audio plug to play back recorded audio through a connected speaker.

The Teenage Engineering PO-80 can be found online and is priced at $149. While the record cutter is sold out, interested parties can sign up for notifications once the record cutter is back in stock.

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