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Teenage Engineering Launches The Op-1 Field With A Decade’s Worth of Updates

All graphics displayed on the high-resolution screen have been completely reworked for the OP-1 field model.

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One month ago, Teenage Engineering launched the TX-6 Mixer, the first in a new line of portable audio products for the Swedish company. Now, TE has unveiled the second member of the “Field” family, a modern revision of its iconic OP-1 pocket synthesizer, the OP-1 Field. According to the company, it has crammed “more than a decade of ideas, refinements, and improvements” into the OP-1 Field. It is reported that the newly-released OP-1 Field is a natural evolution of the original model, the OP-1 portable synthesizer – with an “updated design with the latest technology, and finely tuned with professional musicians, recording artists, and sound designers in mind.”

TE has treated its new model with a hundred new features, including a thinner, low-profile aluminum body with a floating keyboard, an internal FM antenna for both receiving and transmitting, and a high-resolution flush display. Also new is the Dimension synth engine, there are 20 fresh synth patches and a bunch of cooked-in drum kits too. On top of these new features, the OP-1 Field has 32-bit audio Bluetooth MIDI, stereo throughout the entire signal chain, 24 hours of battery life, eight swappable tapes, four different tape styles, multiple recording formats, and a new synth engine. It also features a new speaker system with a passive driver promising “detailed, fat and loud sound,” TE says.

In other news, check out Teenage Engineering’s collab with Off-White with the OB-4 Loudspeaker.