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Sennheiser Celebrates 75 Years With A Special On The HD 25 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 25 to offer pristine audio playback in loud, intense environments making it an industry standard for music pros.

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$ 100

Nothing short of studio-quality sound cuts it for DJs. So when the time comes to take the stage, they make sure they’ve got on a pair of the Sennheiser HD 25. In June 2020, the company will be selling the DJing staple for $99 instead of the usual $149 to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Customers will also get a chance to own a limited edition version. An industry standard for DJs, this pair of headphones has a purpose-built design that enables a high attenuation of background noise to keep the focus on what matters most — the music.

Lightweight aluminum voice coils give this pair of headphones a level of sensitivity that can still handle high levels of pressure from audio playback. The Sennheiser 25 is renowned for being able to perform in loud environments. This makes the headphones perfect for music and media pros, or for the recreational listener who wants to bring a studio-level of sound to their music. Equipped with a 5-foot detachable auxiliary cable, this pair of headphones won’t succumb to frayed wiring. With frequency response ranging from 16hz to 22,000hz, the most subtle sounds will be brought to your ears, completely reshaping your listening experience.