Bring Some Zen Into Your Home With This Mesmerising Tool

SANDSARA fuses a kinetic sand sculpture with a zen garden to create over 100 patterns that represent the infinite cycle of life.

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$ 240+

Zen gardens do more than add aesthetic appeal to interior design. Whether they’re the centerpiece of a living room or an addition to a desk to help relieve stress, their value goes far beyond merely being a piece of elegant decor. SANDSARA takes that soothing effect to the next level with technology that puts a kinetic sand sculpture at the core of a zen garden. By pairing itself with a mobile app, SANDARA allows users to create over 100 patterns inside a wooden frame that’s cut with a 45° chamfer and topped off with a natural wax finish. The detail added to the edges blurs the lines between the circle and hexagram styled frames of the Halo and Stelle versions of the zen garden.

SANDSARA bases its name on the concept of Samsara, which represents the infinite cycle of life — from birth to death to rebirth. Those patterns are illustrated by sacred geometry that helps visualize the metaphysical principle. By using a magnetized base to direct the rollerball which sculpts each design, this take on a zen garden reflects the singularity of the universe that connects us all.