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Persol Protector

Referencing Its 1917 Design, Persol Drops The Protector

Produced as a limited run, the new Protector comes with an exclusive premium case in black leather.

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Persol’s Protector sunglasses are as relevant today as they were in 1917 when they were first developed by Italian optician, Giuseppe Ratti. The Protector screams class and adventure. The sunglasses were, after all, designed originally for pilots and race car drivers who require optimum vision, protection, and comfort. Their signature metal frames, rubber edges, and round, smoked lenses became commonplace in the Armed Forces, but also artists, actors, and models have opted for the Persol Protector sunglasses because they are undeniably cool as well as exceptionally stylish and well-made.

Handmade in Italy, the new Persol Protector has, just like the original pair, removable leather blinkers and bridge piece that shield the eyes, keeping the wearer’s brow free of sweat during intense activity. Finished with high clarity Silver Mirror premium glass lenses, engraved temples, and Persol’s hallmark arrow, the sunglasses also use the brand’s patented Meflecto technology, the world’s first flexible stem design. It allows the stems to bend according to the unique shape of the wearer’s face, via a complex system of metal cylinders embedded into the acetate stem.

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