Converse CX

Converse Reimagines The Brand With The CX Line

For nearly 100 years, Converse has crafted its identity with an unmistakable look. Now, the Converse CX builds upon that legacy.

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When you think of a pair of Converse, what pops into your mind? Is it a canvas-like material with a rubber sole? Probably, that’s because for nearly 100 years that has just about summed up the Chuck Taylor design that has become impossible to separate from the brand. However, in recent years Converse has started to tinker with its design in order to give consumers far and wide new, fun designs. This includes the brand new Converse CX.

The Converse CX takes the similar canvas material for its classic high top, but crafts it with a totally different sole, giving it an old meets startling new look. First, the canvas of the shoe has a stretchier material. If you’ve ever fought your pair of Converse trying to pull them off, this will make it easier. The shoe uses a CX foam which improves better flexibility and durability on the sole as well, giving it a refreshed look which is also easier on your feet. The CX takes the iconic Chuck Taylor high top look and ushers it into a new era.