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Benro Theta: the Intelligent Modular Travel Tripod

Benro Theta: The Smart Travel Tripod

The Benro Theta combines portability, stability, efficiency, and intelligence.

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Benro, a trusted name in photographic equipment manufacturing and design, has unveiled its latest innovation: the Benro Theta and the Theta Max. Both are smart, modular travel tripods designed to enhance photographers’ photographic journey on the go. Both models offer a unique combination of portability, stability, efficiency, and intelligence making them stand out from the competition.

The tripod has a level function that allows photographers to turn the ball head into a platform that is always level, eliminating the need to adjust the legs manually. This saves time and helps photographers stay focused on their composition. Furthermore, the ball head is designed with a locking system that ensures the camera is always aligned with the tripod, even when adjusting the ball head for composition.

The Theta weighs in at 2.7 pounds, with a maximum height of 61 inches, while the Theta Max weighs 3.6 pounds and has a maximum height of 67 inches. Size and weight are important factors for photographers when selecting a tripod, and the Theta considers both. The tripod’s central shaft is structurally optimized to have zero wasted space, while the upper leg diameter is thickened to 29mm, greatly increasing stability and capacity. Benro is currently crowdfunding through Kickstarter with an early bird special for the Theta starting at $349. The Theta Max starts at $399.

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