Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod

A portable and fully capable tripod from Peak Design with only half the volume of a traditional tripod.

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$ 289+

Whether you’re a pro photographer or an amateur vlogger, you know it’s a challenge to travel with all your photo/video gear. The tripod, a crucial piece of equipment for any serious type of work, never folds up and fits into a travel backpack quite as easily as you want it to. (And for many, we’ve just accepted the fact and learned to live with it.) Well, the Peak Design Travel Tripod might spoil you.

Removing the negative space from the traditional tripod, this sleek piece of gear has the diameter of a soda can and is only 15.5 inches long when folded up (about the length of your elbow to your wrist). It deploys super fast and stands 60 inches tall when fully extended. Not to mention that it sports a ball head, excluding the need for multiple knobs that you always try before getting the right one. Vlogging with your phone? It includes a universal phone mount too.

You have two choices of material: anodized aluminum (3.44 lbs) or the more expensive but lightweight carbon fiber (2.81 lbs). Currently on Kickstarter, you have a chance to save up to $121 off retail price.