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Ableton Push 2

The already impressive Ableton Push gets an upgrade.

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Thanks to the advances in technology over the last decade, music creation is more accessible than ever before, enabling budding musicians and professionals alike the freedom and diversity to express their creativity. One area where technology has made a real difference is how we make beats, thanks to the flexibility and freedom of MIDI pad controllers. It’s the ultimate tool for those that have found traditional instruments limiting as it gives musicians new ways to play and perform.

Fans of the impressive Ableton Push will be glad to find out that the device gets an impressive upgrade with the Push 2. The interface allows users to spend less time looking at the computer, with more controls available right on the pad itself. You can slice to customize your beats from a given sample, convert them into a drum rack, while ‘glide mode’ can alter the pitch of the sample while its playing.

With so many stellar devices that can allows you to share your musical creativity with the world, the Ableton Push 2 stands out from the crowd with its stellar design and ease of use.