Maxwell Infinitum Acoustic Guitar

This reimagined acoustic guitar’s sleek design carefully hides its sound holes.

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Based in Clevedon, New Zealand, Maxwell Custom Guitars has made a name for itself making “unique, responsive, articulate and alive” guitars using nationally-sourced and grown timbers. In addition to stressing tone and playability, this company has also plunged headfirst into the realm of highly innovative design.

A single glance at its unusual construction is all you need to realize that the Maxwell Infinitum Acoustic Guitar is truly something different. First and foremost, there is no circular central sound hole in its front-facing soundboard. In fact, there appears to be no sound-amplifying holes in the Maxwell Infinitum whatsoever.

The warm sonic resonance of the instrument emanates instead from openings on its sides that visually disappear within the soft undulations of its “infinity symbol” shape. The sleek design of the Maxwell Infinitum also eschews string pegs, rather attaching strings directly to the soundboard using carbon fiber bracing.