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Jays m-Six

Jays m-Six Wireless In-ear Headphones

These sweat- and corrosion-resistant earbuds will stay put even during the most intense physical activity.

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While working out, athletes tend to give their earphones quite a workout as well. From braving sweat and the natural elements to staying properly in place and plugged in, we ask a lot of these humble devices.

Well, the Swedish audio equipment and accessory developer Jays is ready to clear every hurdle in the earbud obstacle course with its m-Six Wireless In-ear Headphones. Made to function at high levels during even the most intense physical activity, these earphones stay put whether you’re hiking, running, cycling, skiing, mowing the lawn — basically through just about anything.

Thanks to their hydrophobic nano-coating and anti-corrosion technology, the Jays m-Six Wireless In-ear Headphones are also entirely sweat/water resistant and stand up amazingly against dirt and grime. And the slim fit design of these earbuds ensures that they will remain virtually unnoticeable and entirely comfortable no matter how long you choose to wear them.