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Earshots Aim To Be The Leading Headphones For Athletes

Earshots have a magnetic ear clip to secure each earbud to the user via the back of the ear.

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Avid runners and cyclists battle with their headphones. The speeds they reach and the rough terrain they conquer causes traditional earbuds to dislodge time and time again. James Bell-Booth founded Earshots in New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park. It is a park that is an outdoor playground for advanced cyclists and runners. The iconic T42 race takes place there every spring.

Bell-Booth started his company while training for the T42. His headphones continuously needed adjusting, causing distraction, frustration, and training setbacks. He turned the idea of headphones that never need readjusting into a reality. Thanks to the company’s Shocklock System, Earshots are held in place and never fall out, no matter the speed or movements of the athlete. Athletes adjust the earbuds to fit their ears, and they stay in position for as long as the athlete needs. The ultra-comfortable three-layer cushioning system took five years to reach perfection. Earshots work with bike helmets, sunglasses, hats, visors, caps, and other accessories.

Long-distance athletes need high-quality products with long-lasting batteries. Earshots last 10 hours off of a single charge. The case stores 150 hours of adventure time before it needs recharging. Fifteen minutes of charging results in three hours of running or riding time. Earshots combine comfort, durability, battery life, and high-resolution audio for headphones that remain some of the best on the market for athletes.

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