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Sony WH-CH520 & WH-CH720N Wireless Headphones

Sony’s WH-CH520 & WH-CH720N Headphones: Good Sound, Great Value

Meet two serious contenders for EDC cans.

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It’s not often that price is a major talking point around new audio hardware, but value is precisely what Sony’s (somewhat confusingly-named) WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 bring to the table. Are there better-sounding headphones out there? Of course, most people wouldn’t risk commuting or traveling with their Bowers & Wilkins Px8s.

WH-CH520 On-Ear Wireless Headphones ($60)

They don’t have active noise cancellation or Hi-Res Audio support, but at the end of the day, they still sound good – especially considering the price. Listeners with multiple devices can switch audio sources with the tap of a button thanks to Sony’s multi-point pairing. The Sony Headphones app lets audiophiles activate the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) for upscaled Bluetooth streaming and equalized tweaking.

A short USB-A to USB-C cable enables charging, and Sony claims these cans get 50 hours on a charge. Jump on Zoom calls with the integrated microphone, then swivel and store these headphones while en route to happy hour. Sony has also improved the cushioning of these on-ear headphones from previous models.

WH-CH720N Over-Ear Wireless Headphones ($150)

Those willing to plunk down more than double the WH-CH520’s cost will enjoy several upgrades, including Sony’s Integrated Processor V1 chip that enables noise cancellation and improved microphone quality. These DSEE-enabled cans also include a detachable 3.5mm jack – a coveted rarity in 2023, especially at this price point. Users can tailor the Ambient and Adaptive Sound controls to suit their preferences and environment. The headphones offer 35 hours of use, and a quick-charge feature gives an hour of battery life from only three minutes of charging. Both sets of headphones are also eco-friendly: there’s no plastic packaging, and Sony used recycled plastic in the headphones themselves.

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