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Yamaha SLG200N & SLG200S

Perfect for practicing silently without bothering your family or neighbors.

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Learning how to play a new instrument can be a rewarding experience. You get to challenge yourself musically and learn new ways to express yourself. The guitar is an easy instrument to pick up and learn by yourself, with a large database of tutorial videos available online. Unlike a piano, it’s portability is also an attractive factor for novice learners. Although easy to pick up, if you live in an apartment building, it may be embarrassing for you and downright infuriating for your neighbors to hear you awkwardly pluck away at the guitar string.

The Yamaha SLG200 series is a silent guitar that lacks the traditional sound hole and body, making it the perfect solution for those that want to practice and play without annoying anyone. The guitar comes in two versions, the SLG200N(nylon string) and SLG200S(steel string). Although it can deliver a full-bodied classic guitar tone, you can use it as an electric guitar or plug it into any external music player for an impromptu jamming session. The light weight and removable upper-frame allows for easy packing and maximum portability.

So for those that have been pondering the idea about taking up guitar lessons, or even for those experienced players that wants to be a good neighbor, the Yamaha SLG200 series may be the guitar you need.