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WaterField Designs Essential Duffel

WaterField Designs Essential Duffel

WaterField introduces the first of four lightweight, durable bags in its Essential Bag Collection.

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$ 179

Whether searching for a bag for a weekend getaway, a road trip, or a go-to duffel bag to hold gear for the gym, the WaterField Designs Essential Duffel is the right tool for the job. Made with durable materials and well-thought-out design elements, this duffel bag offers plenty of room while still being lightweight and easy to carry. The Essential Duffel can fill many roles with a straightforward bag as part of the more extensive Essential Bags Collection from WaterField Designs.

Designed and made in WaterField’s San Francisco workshop, the WaterField Designs Essential Duffel is packed to the gills with features that make this duffel bag stand apart from other competitors. The Essential Duffel is the only bag in its class that stands upright, maintaining its shape. Weightless foam is added to critical areas that create a structure without adding bulk to the bag, keeping the lightweight duffel evenly distributed. Small details help define the Essential Duffel, crafted with a “less is more” mentality. Between the ballistic nylon construction, customizable color accents, and Forza textile basket weave pattern, the Essential Duffel is not only practical and functional but rugged and durable too.

The WaterField Designs Essential Duffel is expected to ship on August 17, 2022, but is available for pre-order. The standard bag is priced at $179, and additional shoulder straps are available for purchase. The Essential Duffel is part of a larger Essential Bags lineup from WaterField Designs that will eventually include a messenger bag, sling pouch, and backpack.

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