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Vochlea Dubler

Unlock Your Musical Ideas With The Vochlea Dubler Studio Kit

The Vochlea Dubler offers a never before seen way to translate musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument we have been practicing with since birth, our voice.

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Up until the recent release of the Vochlea Dubler Studio Kit, real-time audio conversion into musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) has been beset with issues, with some artists and/or amateurs having more success than others. However, in reality, as musicians know, it is difficult to find a product that is ultra-focused on vocals and that can seamlessly convert voice audio into a workable digital interface. Enter UK-based Vochlea with the release of the Dubler Studio Kit. The idea behind the creation of the Studio Kit was to allow musicians to take what was once a mere idea and turn it into real music, with beats and all.

The Vochlea Dubler kit includes a low-latency USB microphone and Dubler software. The microphone is intricately designed to ensure near audio perfection. The app or software allows users to incorporate melodic instruments, such as guitars and more, as well as trigger drums both through external hardware and in the box. The Dubler software works seamlessly with almost any digital audio workstation (DAW), and there are even easy-to-follow setup videos for each type. The product is even enhanced to be easy-to-use by those who are less than experts in the field. In essence, the Dubler Studio Kit by Vochlea is designed to translate musical ideas or thoughts into reality.

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