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Polyend Tracker

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Make Music, Now’s The Time

The Polyend Tracker puts you at the center of the studio from behind the comfort of your desk with tools for high-end music production.

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$ 599

As a creative you know the frustration of using a traditional computer. Perhaps you’re a sound editor, maybe you are a musician, either way, using a computer can be frustrating. It means you’re handcuffed to limited hotkeys and even then you may have little to no opportunities to edit and change them for what works best for your workflow. With the Polyend Tracker you can finally take your professional workflow back. 

Designed specifically for music but capable of being used in other applications, the Polyend Tracker makes it possible to produce specific beats, tracks, and customized sounds while programming each key for a specific purpose. There is also a large screen built in so you don’t need to shift your eyes from viewing surface to viewing surface. You also have a number of connections and inputs and outputs, including a line in, out, mic, MIDI out, MIDI in, plus USB connectors and a MicroSD card slot. With that many features, you can always connect gear or save your created tracks.