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Urwerk UR-100V “Blue Planet”

Urwerk Unveils The Otherworldly UR-100V “Blue Planet”

The “Blue Planet” shows the distance the Earth turns on its axis, as well as the distance it travels along its orbit over time.

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$ 52,000

Swiss watchmaker, Urwerk, has just released the Urwerk UR-100V “Blue Planet”, produced by Urwerk’s horological Skunk Works. The UR-100V watch is the latest limited edition that uses Urwerk’s UR 12.02 self-winding mechanical movement to drive its satellite wandering hours display. This new 25-piece limited edition displays an astonishing array of measurements including the time on earth, and how far we are traveling through space every 20 minutes on a scale from zero to 555 kilometers. There is also a minute hand tracking a scale of 35,740km every 20 minutes, the distance our planet travels around the sun in that time.

What is different with the “Blue Planet” is that it is, well, blue. Urwerk’s designer, Martin Frei, describes this choice in ethereal terms by saying, “I love the color of (Florentine artist) Giotto’s blue sky. It’s the same sky as ours. Blue is a color that surrounds us, that encompasses us.” The UR-100V “Blue Planet” arrives in a blue PVD steel case measuring 41mm wide by 49.7mm long and 14mm deep, and with a titanium case back. Almost all the elements of the movement, including the automatic rotor regulated by its Windfänger turbine and the entire satellite hour display system, are also blue – as are the technical canvas strap and buckle.

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Urwerk-UR-Urwerk UR-100V “Blue Planet”-Blue-Planet-01

Urwerk UR-100V “Blue Planet”

$ 52,000
  • Case Material: Blue PVD steel case, titanium backcase; blue PVD sandblasted steel crown
  • Case Diameter: 41 mm x 49.7 mm
  • Movement: UR 12.02 self-winding mechanical movement
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters