Urwerk UR-100

Urwerk UR-100

The watch’s self-winding mass is regulated by URWERK’s newest generation of turbines, aptly named the Planetary Turbine Automatic System.

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$ 48,500

The Urwerk UR-100 is a timepiece that smashes the traditional notion of space and time. This one-of-a-kidn watch fuses these 2 concepts together. Its SpaceTime feature URWERK’s famous satellite display with a distinct difference: as minute pointers on the hour satellites disappear, they pass through subsidiary dials to display astronomical indications, whether it’s the distance traveled on Earth or the distance Earth travels around the sun.

The watch’s self-winding mass is further regulated by Urwerk’s newest generation of turbines, which it’s aptly named the Planetary Turbine Automatic System. The whole package is neatly wrapped up in a stunning monochromatic look that features a 41mm sapphire crystal case and the company’s unmistakable satellite display. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 feet for the more adventurous.

Offered in either solid black or iron, the Urwerk UR-100 is the perfect accompaniment to any modern man’s wardrobe and is a real focal point on the wrist.