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Turntable Concept by Yakir Buaron

Turntable Concept by Yakir Buaron

The record player can be said to be the purest way to listen to music, outside of being at a live concert. It’s analogue nature retains all the glorious details of the music while the mechanism is simple enough for a toddler to understand.

Designer Yakir Buaron glorifies this simplicity and purity with his turntable concept that puts the inner workings of the record player in plain view. Possibly the designer’s attempt to strip the turntable of its outer shell to visually represent the medium’s purity, the resulting form is modern; somewhat resembling a chopping board that has been retrofitted with parts from a record player. Coarse description aside, the turntable is striking and beautiful.

With music dissemination becoming more digital and fast paced, the simple and slower pace of a good old record player might be what we just need and Buaron’s concept is a reminder for us to slow down.