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Transparent Turntable

Introducing Sweden’s Transparent Turntable

Elevating the listening experience by blending minimalist Scandinavian design with unparalleled sonic prowess.

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$ 1,300

For enthusiasts who want to make a statement with their sound system, look no further than the Transparent Turntable. Hailing from the workshops of Sweden’s award-winning audio brand, Transparent, this high-end record player embodies the essence of minimalistic design paired with outstanding sonic quality.

Transparent, known for fusing jaw-dropping aesthetics with unparalleled audio performance, has embraced the surging vinyl revival. Their new turntable mirrors the brand’s commitment to simplicity and repairability. A modular approach ensures components can easily be replaced or upgraded, a feature they’ve cleverly infused from their speaker line.

Established in Stockholm by the trio – Per Brickstad, Martin Willers, and Magnus Wiberg – Transparent places a strong emphasis on sustainability. The turntable’s core is crafted from solid aluminum and boasts a top-tier Ortofon OM 5e MM cartridge. Beyond that, each piece is unique and bespoke. Under the glass base, a sleek mechanism sits nestled, supported by four pillars. These not only provide stability but also act as mounts for a state-of-the-art glass dust cover. Attached through dampened hinges, this cover maintains any desired angle. Brickstad proudly remarks, “For the first time, there is now a dust cover you’ll actually want to use.”

Priced at $1,300 and available on the brand’s website, the Transparent Turntable not only marks a significant milestone for the company but also beautifully bridges the chasm between classic analog music and cutting-edge audio technology.

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