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CRKT Mbombo Frame Lock Knife – A SpaceX-Inspired Marvel

This knife ensures durability and edge retention, making it versatile for outdoor enthusiasts and woodcraft experts alike.

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Experienced knife designer Daniel Caston has achieved a serious level of pedigree in his field, having worked closely with none other than SpaceX on a series of custom knives for its space crew. This commission was initially inspired by Caston’s model design made to commemorate a previous rocket launch, combining the very best materials with high-end construction methods. This expertise has been brought to bear on his latest knife design, the CRKT Mbombo™ Frame Lock, which fittingly takes its name from the Kuba god of creation.

Inspired by the aforementioned custom design for SpaceX, it sports a Damascus steel cleaver blade that is often associated with professional chef’s knives used in Michelin-star restaurants.

By using Damascus steel for the blade, the CRKT Mbombo™ Frame Lock knife guarantees outstanding durability combined with long-lasting edge retention even with regular use. With its sharpened front edge that makes it optimal for push cutting, it’s a knife with multiple functions and applications, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a woodcraft expert.

The Damascus steel is complemented with a lightweight titanium handle that retains the strength of the blade, with a thick lock bar to ensure the blade is kept safe and secure. It’s also a compact knife that comes with a handy pocket clip for safe and secure carrying. With a design that propels the blade out like a rocket, it’s a fitting companion to the custom knife used by the SpaceX crew.

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