Tokki Soju

Inspired by the age old art of Korean distilled alcohol, Tokki is bringing their natural flavors to the US.

North Asia is known for giving the world many gifts, from samurais, to sake, to Korean fried chicken, to kimonos, the allure and exoticism of North Asia’s most popular exports is attractive to many. This rings especially true for Asia’s most provocative beverage: soju. The introduction of Tokki Soju means indulgence for Asiaphiles on the other side of the Pacific.

Soju is a famous Korean distilled alcohol made from rice. Unlike many soju producers who were forced to stop producing their product from rice from the 1960s to the late 1990s, Tokki distills their beverage from sushi-grade, organic sticky rice straight from the heart of California. Its competitors may still use a mix of chemicals to mimic the distinct rice taste, but Tokki relies on a production model free from additives. Its rice is hand-cultivated from a natural yeast called “nuruk” and then washed through reverse-osmosis filtered water.

Tokki is the first American company to tackle the ages old art of rice soju distilling, staying true to the original Korean practice. The endeavor began as much as a labor of love as an appreciation for the bold taste of the liquor. After a stint in Korea to study all things soju, the Tokki team began producing their beverage in an effort to introduce the public to the clean, chemical and artificial-free taste of this distinctive liquor.

Produced in small batches, Tokki can currently be purchased in a limited number of outlets in the United States.