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Sempli Monti-Taste Set

Sempli Monti-Taste Set

Can this beautiful glassware set change the way we experience beer?

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When we think of high end liquor, it’s natural for us to consider the glassware it’s served in. For example, cognac has the balloon glass that intensifies the flavor, and red wine is usually served in a glass that is a bit taller and has a wider bowl compared to white wine glasses to allow all those aromas and flavors to emerge.

However, when it comes to beer most of us tend to be more contempt with a regular pint glass, as long as it can do the job of delivering beer to our mouth. Sempli, a contemporary product design company that makes items like wine decanters and shot liqueur glasses, has designed a set of glasswares that take into account the different types of beers, ranging from IPA to pilsners as well as to account for the different bottle sizes as well. Monti-Taste Set is described as ‘Swedish functionality meets Italian style,’ which we think is more than just a marketing tagline, judging from the beautiful shapes of thees carefully considered glassware.