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R.M.Williams Gardener Commando Boot

A Boot That Will Be Around For Years: R.M. Williams’ Gardener Commando Boot

The iconic and stylish Gardener Boots are handmade in Australia and come in either black or brown.

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$ 595

The R.M.Williams Gardener Commando Boot is made to stand up to anything and everything. From the sole up, the entire boot is able to withstand the rigors of backyard gardening to a month-long journey over hill and dale. Let’s start with the storm welt stitching — this allows the welt to bend upwards, which creates an impermeable seal between the upper and the midsole. This makes the Gardener Commando Boot absolutely waterproof. The entire boot is handcrafted using centuries-old techniques that are proven to be long-lasting and durable. The sole is made of non-slip rubber, with nearly-inch-thick treads that grip the terrain, no matter how slippery it may be.

As far as comfort, the Gardener Commando Boot has you covered and then some. The thick rubber sole makes this boot shock absorbent. A flat heel supports the foot for optimal spine and skeletal support. The leather insole conforms to the unique shape of the wearer’s foot over time. A roomy round toe ensures that the feet are never cramped. Chromexcel leather on the upper also conforms to the feet. An integrated stretch panel lets the wearer easily slip into and out of the boots, even without the use of the handy pulls on both the front and the back. These are go-to gardener boots that go above and beyond.

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