Persol Materia Collection

The Materia Collection From Persol Allows You To Customize Your Shades

The lens colors in the Persol Materia Collection include options between gradient blue and a vivid shade of orange.

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$ 317+

You are your own person. So why wear sunglasses everyone else has? Let your true style flag fly and show off what makes you unique. With the Persol Materia Collection of sunglasses, there is a frame and lens combination that is sure to be perfect for you.

There are five frame designs, each of which is minimal in overall size. These sunglasses are not as large or cumbersome as aviators. If Clark Kent wanted to mask his true identity in the twenty-first century, he’d reach for one of these pairs. Made using an acetate frame material, each edition has upwards of seven frame colors, and this doesn’t include the number of lens colors, which range from blue to orange. This gives you near-infinite design styles to pick and choose from. So while you might not ever be Superman, you sure can show off your super style with the Persol Materia Collection.