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100% Holographic Sunglass Collection

The 100% Holographic Sunglass Collection: Stylish Lines, UV Protection, Lightweight Lenses

Featuring premium lens options engineered to the highest quality standards in the industry.

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The 100% Holographic Sunglass Collection comprises six pairs of superior optical eyewear. Designed in California and made from crack-and chemical-resistant material, these ultra-high-def, UV protective lenses can repel anything from water to oil. Choose from the S2, S3, Norvik, Speedraft, Speedcraft SL, or Speedcraft XS, all of which are stylish nods to the motocross way of life.

Each pair of sunglasses comes with its own array of features, depending on the fit and benefits the wearer is looking for. The Norvik boasts 5.5 base cylindrical lenses, while the Speedcraft XS has a 6-base cylindrical shield lens. The latter offers additional peripheral vision and protection, plus 360° visibility, perfect for downhill slopes or BMX tracks. Options like S3 are a combination of the features of the Speedcraft and S2, providing slightly more subdued angularity alongside the line’s distinctive intake vents.

At the heart of each product is the HiPER® Blue Multilayer Mirror Lens. Each lens has been engineered to be barely noticeable on the face, but powerful enough to ward off the worst of the sun’s rays. The glare of the sun can do more than interfere up the next trick on the course. The premium performance of the Holographic Sunglass Collection from the 100% brand is made to fit squarely on your face thanks to ultra-grip nose pads and temple tips. In addition, several of the collection options can be upgraded with contrast-defining or polarizing lenses. You can get the Holographic sunglasses on the 100% site starting at $165.

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