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Oakley Kato

Morphing From Prototype To Marketable, Oakley Introduces The Kato

Creating the Kato was an extremely complex undertaking, requiring a new fabrication process and molds, and even a new lens adhesive.

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Partnering again with Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Oakley has launched the exciting, highly-anticipated Oakley Kato, featuring a frameless Oakley Prizm lens with an extended wrap and several customizable features. QB Mahomes was involved in the development of the product as he served as one of a number of athlete product testers for the prototype before it was officially launched. He along with a group of other elite athletes had the privilege of wearing the glasses and sharing their suggestions on how to alter them to make them better and to share what they loved about the product. Some of the other athletes in the group included race car driver Joseph Newgarden, BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester and cyclist Mark Cavedish. The feedback from these individuals helped Oakley tweak its prototype and turn it into the highly anticipated Oakley Kato.

Oakley’s exclusive lens technology is designed to enhance color and contrast so wearers can see more detail. The design of the glasses conforms to the contours of the face for a seamless look. With its progressive, disruptive wrap design, frameless architecture, innovative tilt function, and multiple nose pads, wearers are able to create a customized fit. While the prototype was tested in real-life conditions by the athletes mentioned, the overall design theme of the Oakley Kato was 45 years in the making, including technological advancements that revolutionized the eyewear industry. According to Caio Amato, Global Brand Director for Oakley, the Oakly Kato are “a redefinition of aesthetics, ushering in a new age of optics for the sports industry.”

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