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Oakley Encoder

Oakley Releases The Futuristic Encoder

The Encoder’s oversized lenses should provide adequate protection from sun, wind, and dirt.

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Named after founder James Jannard’s English Setter, Oakley Anne, the Oakley brand burst on the scene in 1975 with its signature handlebar grip, the ‘Oakley Grip.” The “Grip” was unlike anything else on the market at the time and was groundbreaking in the motocross industry. Today, the Oakley Encoder represents one of the latest offerings by the brand that is synonymous with high-quality performance eyewear in multi-sport categories.

The Oakley Encoder eyewear is purposefully built for use in competitive, endurance, and recreational cycling. However, its use is not limited to the biking industry. It is designed with both helmet and hat fit functionality in mind. Furthermore, its progressive wrap provides an enhanced field of view, superior coverage, and a unique look. The impact protection on the lenses is an Oakley brand feature that ensures the lenses can endure high velocity and withstand extremely high mass along with demanding conditions.

The lens technology of the Oakley Encoder is specifically designed to enhance colors, which allows wearers to see in even greater detail. Oakley is offering the Encoder in four different stock color combinations. Finally, the eyewear comes with the Oakley signature no-slip grip on the nose pads and earsocks, which provide both all-day comfort. Oakley fans will appreciate the brand-specific features on this eyewear while enjoying some newer additions to the Oakley Encoder that make it uniquely suited for use in a variety of sports endeavors.

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