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Aether Audio Eyewear

Aether Debuts Stunning Audio Eyewear Line

Aether’s new Audio Eyewear combines design and innovative sound technology to pioneer a new listening experience.

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$ 381

In today’s bustling society, sensory overload can be a real problem. Trying to tune out the noise and tune in the good parts of life can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, the latest offering by Aether, its Audio Eyewear is designed to do just that by filtering the elements, minimizing those that are unwanted, and enhancing the ones that should be enjoyed. Aether’s Audio Eyewear combines optical-compatible blue light eyeglasses or sunglasses with Bluetooth audio via a smart device. The sound emanating from the smart device is transported via Bluetooth connectivity to speakers that are situated right beside the wearer’s ears. Users need only to lightly tap the side of their frames to activate the audio function.

Creative director for the Aether brand, Hannes Unt explained the motivation behind the design of this product by stating, Our goal was to create a wearable design object as a portal to holistic aural experience, allowing users to tune into the sound space that reflects their mood while staying connected to the present moment. The end result of this innovative approach incorporates a number of design elements and colorways into the brand’s new eyewear line, giving wearers instant access to their music collection or podcasts in an aesthetically pleasing way. Aether Audio Eyewear blends vision, style, and sound to enhance each wearer’s day along with providing them freedom of expression relating to their personal style. Preorders are now available and will be shipped out in May 2021.