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Voy Tunable Eyeglasses

VOY Glasses Unveils Its New Tunable Eyeglasses

The futuristic glasses can change their strength with a turn of a dial, depending on what the wearer is using them for.

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This week, eyewear company VOY Glasses, was awarded the 2021 Innovation Award in Wearable Technology at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for its Tunable Eyeglasses. The San Francisco-based company wanted to provide a solution to help people suffering from both farsightedness and moderate nearsightedness. The VOY Tunable Eyeglasses provide the solution with just one pair of glasses. They can change focus from -5D to +2D in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need to carry several pairs of specs with you. To adjust the lenses, the wearer simply adjusts the dials located on top of each lens – adjusting away from the nose for a more negative power or turn the wheel towards the nose for a more positive power.

The ingenious glasses use a technology first developed back in the 1960s by Luis Walter Alvarez, a Nobel prize-winning physicist. The technology relies on two polycarbonate plates on each side of the glasses, which slide across each other when the dial is adjusted. Depending on the position of the plates, the strength of the lenses is adjusted. The VOY Tunable Glasses come as both eyeglasses or sunglasses and also come with a blue light blocker, anti-reflective properties, and UV protective coatings. The days of searching for your reading glasses could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the VOY Tunable Glasses.

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