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DITA Unveils The SUBSYSTEM Titanium Aviators

These elegant men’s aviator sunglasses feature a handcrafted yellow gold and black iron beta-titanium structure.

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Founded in 1995 by Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, the high-end, luxury eyewear brand DITA set out to create ornate and highly-detailed pieces. In their founders’ opinions, eyewear is the most memorable and prominent of all fashion accessories and as such, deserves specialized, focused attention. While DITA has launched other eyewear throughout their years in the industry, including some of the most intricately detailed pieces the market has ever seen, this latest offering, the DITA SUBSYSTEM sunglasses represent the most detailed piece of eyewear ever created by the luxury brand.

The ultra-detailed, all-titanium aviators, feature an angular brow bar and bridge with intricately pressed line details are found along the lens rim, temple, and end pieces. The DITA SUBSYSTEM sunglasses are hand-made in Japan by craftsmen dedicated to producing beautiful pieces that cannot be duplicated through mechanized means. In fact, the attention to detail needed to create just one set of DITA SUBSYSTEM eyewear could take months of individual attention and work. The creative process for DITA is likened to that of the samurai swordsmiths of a bygone era that spent decades perfecting their crafts.

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