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DITA Varkatope Limited Edition

DITA Unveils The Varkatope, An Innovative Combination Sunglass Frame

These handsome sunglasses allow for bifocals, when needed.

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$ 1,125

The newly-released DITA Varkatope Limited Edition sunglasses are an innovation in prescription eyewear. Many people are torn between instances of needing bifocals and then not needing them, such as when viewing things at a distance. The DITA Varkatope Limited Edition eyeglasses have solved this by setting the bifocals not in the lenses, but in a separate titanium wire casing on the outside of each lens. Pure genius. The fully removable bifocals can be cast aside via the proprietary hex screws when not needed.

All this transformative design is encased in durable frames that are breathtakingly stylish. The regular lenses are encircled in a handsome, attention-grabbing wire which is also constructed of titanium. These gender-neutral eyeglasses are a limited edition. Only 290 are available in black and gold, and only 210 are available in tortoise and gunmetal. These are for discerning folks who are looking to make as much of a statement with their eyeglasses as they are with their apparel.