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Ray-Ban Clubmaster Square Legend

Ray-Ban Revives The Classic Clubmaster Square Legend

Ray-Ban brings back a classic pair of sunglasses with the release of the Clubmaster Square Legend, available in shiny black and mock tortoise upper rims.

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$ 154

Sifting through its archives for a new, innovative style based on a retro look, Ray-Ban brings back its iconic Clubmaster Square Legend Sunglasses. The Clubmaster features a gold-rimless underside to the lenses with a thicker, shiny black or tortoise rim on top. If you had the hippest uncle in the 70s, these would be the sunglasses he rocked.

Both colorways feature the familiar Ray-Ban logo pressed into the upper corner of the lenses. The lenses have slight curves along the top rim, which fit comfortably over your ears. The new Ray-Ban sunglasses use the same Green Classic G-15 lens, with an acetate upper frame material.