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Nike Air Max Pre-Day 

Nike Gives Us A Sneak Peek At The New Air Max ‘Pre-day’

The sportswear titan takes its 70s design aesthetic and combines it with fresh concepts to launch the next era of Air.

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Paying homage to the golden era of the jogging shoe, namely the Daybreak circa ’79-‘81, Nike is releasing a new offering with a similar silhouette and a striking visible heel unit. The new Nike Air Max Pre-Day is a welcome blend of late 70s nostalgia and modern 2021 design. The shoe’s most arresting aesthetic, other than its Liquid Lime colorway, is its simplified design that consists of no less than 20% recycled content and its exposed air feature.

While the visible air unit in this new shoe is similar to those featured in the Air Jordan VIs, IVs, IIIs and Vs, Max 1s, and Air Max 90s models, it differs by exposing some of the air unit between the outsole and midsole instead of just through a small window. Thanks to the restored emphasis on air, the Nike Air Max Pre-Day is promising more “bounce” in each step. The new design removes the typical layers that exist between the air and the foot featured in most Nike models. It instead places the foot closer to the air pocket, which creates a softer step. Nike will debut the Air Max Pre-Day on March 26th, Air Max Day, the day the Air Max 1 first released back in 1987.

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