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Salomon Advanced Index.01

Salomon Launches The Advanced Index.01, Its Recyclable Running Shoe

The Advanced Index.01 running shoe is the result of three years of extensive R&D.

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$ 181

Built on years of purpose-driven research, the Salomon Advanced Index.01 is a shoe for the ages. It is designed with the very same properties that appeal to the everyday 21st-century consumer: think sustainable materials and clean lines. Yet there has always been more to the brand since its inception in 1947. From its humble roots in the southeast of France, where the Salomon family laid claim to a small workshop, to its rise in the worlds of ski and sport, the company’s main focus has always been on performance and innovation.

The Salomon Advanced Index.01 is a clear reflection of that forward-thinking spirit. It is a performance shoe designed with a clear vision of its wearer as the ultimate competitor. The shoe features Salomon’s R.Camber rocker geometry, a 9mm drop, and a molded sock liner made from 100 percent recycled EVA foam and a recycled polyester cover. By using recycled polyester for the upper and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for the bottom unit, both parts of the Advanced Index.01 are recyclable. At the end of the shoe’s life, once they are sent back to the design center, Salomon will remove the insole so the upper and bottom units can be separated to begin the recycling process. The bottom unit will be recycled to make Salomon Alpine Ski Boots while fabric will be created from the polyester upper. The Advanced Index.01 will be released in the spring; in the meantime, those interested in purchasing the shoe can sign up on Salomon’s website to be notified once they are available.

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