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Reebok Pump Omni Zone II

Getting Pumped Over Newly Updated Kicks From Reebok: The Pump Omni Zone II

This new Reebok is a remake of the original pair of shoes worn by Dee Brown during his iconic “No Look Dunk” in 1991.

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$ 140

Back in 1990, Reebok hit the scene with its innovative high-top sneaker, the Pump Omni Zone. Designed with a unique inflation device, it enabled the user to customize the fit of the cushion in the tongue for conformation around the ankle. 30 years later, Reebok is bringing back the Pump Omni Zone II for the first time in the true high-cut design worn by rookie Dee Brown. Brown made the shoe famous in 1991 when he pumped up the shoes on the sideline before rocking the no-look jam that made him the ’91 Slam Dunk champion. With the help of Dee Brown on that historic night, “Pump” would propel Reebok to the forefront of an industry-wide technology race as it gained international allure and quickly became the go-to for pro athletes the world over.

The silhouette of the Pump Omni Zone II features its highly-recognizable orange dimpled “Pump” button and custom-fit air bladder extending downward from a futuristic rubberized tongue. Reebok added Soft Hexalite hexagonal cushioning in the midsole to the Omni Zone II for added comfort. Seated atop its retro multicolor outsole is the classic black/white/orange layered upper with TPU overlays that serve to advance the wearer’s quickness while adding durability and style to the bold design. The Reebok Pump Omni Zone II will be available for purchase starting on March 4th at 9 pm (PST).

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