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CALLUM 529 by Annandale

British Designer, Ian Callum, Produces A Bespoke Bottle For The CALLUM 529 By Annandale Whiskey

An unpeated whiskey that has been aged in American Oak bourbon barrels.

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$ 440

CALLUM has partnered with Annandale Distillery to introduce CALLUM 529 by Annandale a new special bottle to house the single malt Scotch whiskey bringing a beautiful contemporary style to the same traditional whiskey. While keeping the Annandale Distillery whiskey recipe, the new partnership presents the whiskey in a beautiful ceramic bottle designed by CALLUM.

The ceramic bottle creates interesting new textures and a unique visual display unseen in modern whisky offerings. The new bottle is designed with a deep navy-blue glazed finish and is handcrafted with textured ripples on the exterior. Every bottle is individually numbered and signed by artist Ian Callum, making a collectible, limited-edition whiskey to add to any collection. Although the bottle design and material are new, the longstanding traditional whiskey flavor remains unaltered. Using just malted barley, water, and yeast, Annandale Distillery Scotch whiskey has a unique, pure, and original flavor.

Made in a fresh bourbon oak cask, the taste is rich and complex. With vanilla and caramel hints blended in sweet oak and malt undertones, Annandale whiskey continues to be a favorite among whiskey connoisseurs and collectors worldwide. With the exciting news of the CALLUM and Annandale Distillery partnership, collectors are invited to pre-order a limited-edition bottle. The limited number of CALLUM 529 by Annandale whiskey can be purchased for $440.00 and is expected to ship by early August 2022.

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