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Bushnell Golf Launch Pro

Up Your Game With The Bushnell Golf Launch Pro

The Launch Pro uses advanced analytics to improve your swing.

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$ 3,000

Bushnell Golf recently unveiled its latest swing monitor, the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro. This personal launch monitor features a three-camera system that combines proprietary high-speed, high-resolution cameras with an optimized infrared camera to deliver tour-level performance and accuracy. Bushnell says their new system captures and measures thousands of frames per second, providing reliable and accurate launch conditions and ball flight. What’s more, the Launch Pro delivers unmatched precision and reliability indoors and outdoors. The Launch Pro features practice fields, including the range, the course, the player’s garage, or a custom simulator room. Bushnell Golf says they measure what matters, with exact carry distance, clubhead speed, launch, and spin.

The Launch Pro boasts true-to-life simulation, allowing play on the world’s best courses and dialing in the player’s game on each range. The simulator analyzes ball and club performance at impact to provide unmatched ball flight data in various spaces. Bushnell’s Golf Launch Pro offers software packages ranging from a basic subscription for one player, a silver subscription for up to four players, and a gold subscription for eight players. There’s an “unlocked” option that opens all the features available for life. The package includes the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro device, club marker pack, alignment stick, quick start guide, and a one-year subscription to the basic software package.

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