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adidas PLAY GREEN Collection

adidas Golf’s Sustainable PLAY GREEN Collection

The PLAY GREEN Collection was designed to inspire others to join adidas in its mission to help End Plastic Waste.

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adidas has just dropped their new adidas PLAY GREEN Collection, the company’s homage to the lush green lawns and landscaping of golf courses. adidas says PLAY GREEN is also a statement about the company’s commitment to sustainability by creating products using recycled materials, including vegan products, organic cotton, recycled plastics, and innovative color methods to lower environmental impact. To that end, the company designed the adidas PLAY GREEN Collection for golfers with the environment in mind. The collection includes polos, t-shirts, and hats featuring a versatile style and performance with recycled materials.

adidas says the goal is to replace as much virgin polyester as possible in their products with recycled polyester by 2024. Global director of apparel, Shaun Madigan, adds that the company’s objective is to combine performance and sustainability. Additionally, adidas curated the course-inspired colors in the adidas PLAY GREEN Collection from the vibrant greens, whites of clouds, contrasting browns of the bunkers, and dark blues of the waters often found around the golf course. Each piece of the collection boasts not only the iconic adidas logo but also an emblem featuring a plastic bottle holding golf clubs and sitting on a cart, reflecting the adidas brand’s mission to put an end to plastic waste.

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