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Bragi Dash

These completely wireless earbuds were made for the active lifestyle.

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It wasn’t too long ago that we were left wanting for wireless earbuds, but now it seem like an invasion of these things with the recent flood of new products that have completely cut the cord. While they all rely on Bluetooth technology for its wireless connection, they all offer slightly different features and technology to stay wireless.

The latest to enter the wireless war is the Bragi Dash, a pair of earbuds that has kept the active lifestyle in mind. Not only can it stream music from your bluetooth device, it can also store up to 4GB of music so that you don’t need to even be tied down to your phone, even if it is wireless. If you do have your phone around, you can answer phone calls with it with a simple tap, just like other bluetooth headsets. The Bragi Dash can also keep track of your heart rate, duration, and how many steps you have taken though a dedicated app, making it a useful set of earbuds for those with an active lifestyle.