Benchmade 601 Tengu Flipper

Benchmade Releases A Tengu Flipper Designed By Jared Oeser

A liner lock mechanism fortified with thrust-bearing washers helps this 2.77-inch plain edge blade withstand the toll of everyday use.

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$ 220

Jared Oeser brings his eye for rustic yet elegant design to the Benchmade 601 Tengu Flipper. A satin-finished G-10 handle encapsulates a plain edge, Tanto-style blade. This knife is slim yet striking with a bold, dark handle and rich silver inlays. Although simple, this modern take on a classy style is stunning with a CPM-20CV stainless steel  2.77-inch blade that contrasts beautifully with the ribbed trim of the handle.

This knife will easily fit into your pocket and inside of its black leather protective sheath. The cover uses dual seams and durable stitching to protect the knife during transport. With no clip, there is nothing for this exceptional piece to get hung up on when you pull it in and out of place. The knife is rated for everyday use, reinforced with a liner lock mechanism and thrust-bearing washers. These let the knife be deployed time and time again with the same vigor as the first time it’s used.