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Beats Pigalle Studio Wireless

Beats by Dre Pigalle Studio Wireless

Pigalle and Beats by Dre collaborate on a very special wireless headphone.

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As a brand, Pigalle refuses to adhere to the establishment. Stephane Ashpool’s (creative director of Pigalle) approach to branding is very French, attempting to move their brand upmarket and more exclusive. You can see this from the absence of their online presence as well as their stubbornness in forcing customers to make the pilgrimage to their stores for their items. Apparently they won’t sell to anyone either, so better get on their good side.

This unyielding drive for perfection and slight snobbery is also reflected in Pigalle latest collaborative effort with Beats by Dre, offering their unique touch to the excellent Beats Studio Wireless, which is considered the best Bluetooth headphone in the market today. The Beats by Dre Pigalle Studio Wireless draws inspiration from the neighborhood Ashpool calls home and its evolution over time.

Whether you appreciate Pigalle or find their snobby antics distasteful, there’s no denying that is new special edition headphone is a very special one indeed.