Audiofly AF240 - IMBOLDN
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Audiofly AF240

Audiofly AF240

For those passionate about music, this Audiofly headphone offers a compelling case.

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With so many headphones to choose from these days, it all comes down to personal preference. Some like bass heavy headphones while others want a more natural sound from their headphones, while style has also become a deciding factor as well.

Known for their quality in-ear monitors, Audiofly offers a solid over-the-ear headphone that will appeal to those that gravitate towards a smoother sound in a classically designed package. The Audiofly AF240 is an understated yet stylish headphone that won’t draw too much attention to itself, like a pair of Beats that seems to stylistically scream bloody murder. Made from a black polycarbonate body, if offers an immersive and comfortable listening experience, thanks to a smooth sound delivery.

A solid choice for the price at $250 USD, the Audiofly AF240’s formidable sound quality along with its subtle and classic design will ensure its place as your musical companion.