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4K Gamer Pro

4K Gamer Pro Upgrades The Nintendo Switch To 4K Resolution

The Gamer Pro offers three different enhancement options for 4K.

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PhotoFast, the team developing the 4K Gamer Pro, has over 40 years of experience in image enhancement. The company’s current Kickstarter campaign is already successful, surpassing its original goal. Here’s why: PhotoFast’s 4K Gamer Pro lets users push their Nintendo Switch beyond 1080p and play games in 4K. The company says that players can upgrade their experience with three different visual optimization levels to suit any player’s TV and gaming needs. What’s more, there won’t be lag. Smoothness and frame rate ensures an authentic 4K experience. The Gamer Pro features a Fujitsu Chip that delivers richer details.

The enhanced image processing technology increases image sharpening, color processing, and depth of field by 20%, creating a clear, detailed three-dimensional image. The digital processor also supports the PS4, Xbox Series S (1080p), Apple TV (HD), and more. Additionally, the Gamer Pro is plug-and-play. It connects via a USB Type-C power cable or an HDMI for TV. PhotoFast recommends using a high-speed 4K 2.0a HDMI cable for the best results. Supporters can purchase the PhotoFast high-speed HDMI cable as an add-on at checkout. PhotoFast says the 4K Gamer Pro is inspired by what they wanted to see as Nintendo Switch players—4K compatibility. PhotoFast’s 4K Gamer Pro is available to support on Kickstarter. Mass production begins in July, and global delivery starts in August 2022.

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