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The G-Case: Made For The Nintendo Switch Gamer

The G-Case is a new case designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch handheld console.

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$ 70+

The latest Kickstarter endeavor is sure to excite gamers worldwide. The G-Case promises to be one of the most functional, comprehensive, and innovative gaming cases supporting the Nintendo Switch and OLED models. Designed with comfort in mind, the G-Case is comfortable to use and has multiple ways for users to enjoy their favorite video game. Gamers can choose from three grip sizes suited for adults and children. Maximum grip comfort allows users to play even longer, delivering an enjoyable experience. The detachable Joy-Con case will enable gamers to play the Switch in handheld mode or attached to the television.

Extended gaming hours can deplete the system battery, but the G-Case is designed with a modular battery that can extend the Nintendo Switch battery life by up to five hours. Additional battery options are available to extend usage even further. The available modular battery can even charge other devices like a mobile phone. The G-Case also features upgraded Bluetooth audio technology to reduce audio latency. Improved Bluetooth allows users to share having with friends seamlessly. Jam-packed with features beneficial to gamers, the G-Case also looks great. Designed with the beloved Gundam anime style, the G-Case features bold colors and a symmetrical, simple design. Available as a Kickstarter, contributions will unlock various features and add-ons.

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