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 2016 World Whiskies Awards Overall Winners Tasting Set

It’s Friday, a day when all your worries seem to melt away, no matter how rough your week has been. The subway ride to work that is alarmingly becoming more like a contact sport with every passing day, or that incident at Starbucks where the barista once again misspelled your name with something ludicrous, can’t bother you today because it’s finally Friday. What better way to celebrate than with a selection of the best whiskies around the world to wash away all the stress and horrible memories of the past week?

The 2016 World Whiskies Awards Overall Winners Tasting Set the lets you taste the best the world has to offer in a selection of 3cl dram bottles, so you don’t have to shell out on a full-sized bottle to try out a whiskey. What’s included, at least for now as the content may change depending on availability, are a selection of whiskies that took home the big prizes at the 2016 World Whiskies Awards that include Old Pulteney Vintage 1989 (World’s Best Single Malt), Reference Series III.2 (World’s Best Blended Malt), Bernheim Original (World’s Best Wheat), Balcones True Blue 100 Proof (World’s Best Corn), and Taketsuru Pure Malt (Best Japanese Blended Malt). Not a bad collection of spirits to set your Friday night on fire.