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The WasteReviver Provides Kitchen-Based Composting

The world’s first kitchen composter with UVC light sanitizer.

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Food scraps are not only unsightly, but they can quickly develop an odor and harbor dangerous bacteria. Discarding organic scraps is wasteful, and putting waste into plastic bags only contributes to growing landfills worldwide. WasteReviver is a compact kitchen compost machine that was developed to make composting an easy, convenient, and green solution for the everyday homeowner. This Kickstarter campaign set out to create organic soil from everyday food scraps. This modern solution quickly turns leaves, leftovers, and paper into usable natural soil for indoor or outdoor use.

The WasteReviver is quick, easy, and safe to use. It is different from other composting methods because it uses a UVC disinfection light to kill harmful germs and bacteria that form during the composting process. The result is clean and sanitized soil. The device works quickly, creating nutrient-rich soil in as little as two hours. The device closely monitors the internal temperature, making cool, usable soil by resting the compost for only five minutes. The WasteReviver has a large internal capacity, able to hold up to 3 liters. The device is easy to use, odor-free, and comes with its own power cord. The small footprint of the WasteReviver makes it ideal for kitchen countertop use. Production of the food compost machine is set to begin in October 2022.

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